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We prioritize transparency, trust, and fostering strong collaborations for future growth. For additional information or to request access to our investor relations, please register with us and scroll down for more details.

An Exciting Opportunity

Explore the Horizon for a Potential +25X Capital Growth

Embark on an investment adventure that could redefine the benchmarks of success. In the world of innovative investing, visionaries have the opportunity to witness the remarkable. We invite you to consider the possibilities with , where we’re charting new territory with the potential for significant capital multiplication.

While we are enthusiastic about our trajectory towards a goal that could potentially exceed a +25X return, it's essential for us to emphasize the speculative nature of such ventures. This is not a forecast, but a vision of what we aim to achieve. High-reward opportunities inherently carry higher risks, and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Your capital is at stake, and we encourage you to join us with both the wisdom of experience and the counsel of your financial advisors. This is an invitation for those who dare to dream big while understanding the realities of investment dynamics.


An Industry Breakthrough


Our focus is distinctly investor-centric. We're pioneering a new paradigm in capital raising by placing our investors return at the heart of every presentation. More than just securing funds, we're committed to sculpting clear pathways for tangible financial gains for all parties. By leveraging innovative methodologies and maintaining unwavering transparency, we are reshaping the investment landscape.

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We're not adapting to Generative AI, we're leading the revolution.

Fatih Akyon, Founder

Company News

Reshaping Media Engagement

Safe Video revolutionizes media consumption with AI, ensuring significant success and new revenue streams. Our suite, from a customizable content-filtering app to an AI chat assistant and child-safe YouTube analyzer, vastly enhances user experiences. Additionally, our service innovatively links on-screen products to instant purchases, merging entertainment with e-commerce...

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Tech Disruption Opportunity

Announcing the launch of our new U.S. holdings corporation! Bringing our expertise in Generative AI, computer vision, and automation, underpinned by strong academic foundations and real-world application. We have two patents in the pipeline. Our advisory panel includes industry stalwarts from Google and backed by our partners, OBSS Technology...

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